Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Challenge - Week 2

This week has been somewhat of a slow week for me. My job has been extremely busy and I haven't had the time to devote to sign up for free samples, etc., as I would like. However I did accomplish some savings which has been the name of the game.

If you remember correctly, I had to have the driver side window in my car replaced last Saturday. I could have taken it to the dealership ($349.00 Parts and labor based on phone call to dealership located in Florence, Kentucky), but I choose to take it to the neighborhood Michel's tire facility. Car repairs are a necessity, but it doesn't mean you have to pay a fortune for them. If you know you need something done to your vehicle (regular maintenance) then check around for the best price. It's worth the gas to drive a couple of extra miles to save $20 or better. In my case, it was closer to go to Michel's Tire than to go to the dealership so it was a savings to me all around the board. I paid $100 even at Michel's for parts and labor so by calling first and have them do a courtesy check when I was getting the tires rotated and balanced, I saved $249.00. Wooo Hooo. You'd be surprised at what these places can do. Get to know your neighborhood service providers. It pays in the end. And I'm very happy to have my window fixed and working perfect. Great job by them.

Grocery Shopping - My budget for the week is $35. I spent $18.65
Remkes - 1 loaf bread - $1.50 (snow storm trip)
Walgreens - 3 Revlon Mattte Eye shadows - $.59 (Total cost = $16.33 - used 3 coupons)
SuperValu - 1 Gallon Milk - $2.75
Krogers - 2 Rolls Pork Sausage - $7.98 (Total Cost = $3.99 - used 1 coupon)
Remkes - 1 package Pork Chops and 1/2 gallon milk - $5.97
Total of Products purchased = $34.53
Total Out of Pocket After Coupons = $13.30
Total Savings = $21.23
As you can see from the purchases, I only purchased what was needed. It's easy to walk into a grocery store with one item in mind and walk out with two bags. When you go into the grocery store and you have only a couple items on your list, tell yourself you have 5 minutes to get in the store, find your items, pay for your items and get out of the store. If you give yourself a time limit, you won't have time to see what's on sale here or there or what looks enticing to you and you won't overspend.

Miscellaneous Items:
Earned $10 Amazon Gift Certificate from Kraft Mom's Forum
Received 8 $1/1 Coca Cola Coupons (still waiting on 2) by signing up at Recycle Bank
Received Free Sample of Rachel Rae Nutrish Dog Food (Petie thinks it's a treat!)

Surveys Earnings:
Greenfield Online - $5
Inbox Dollars - $.30
Opinion Outpost - $1.50
Send Earnings - $.32
Greenfield Transfer to PayPal from 2 weeks ago - finally credited - $7
Swagbucks Earnings from last Friday - $41 (woo Hoo)

One negative for the week. Did eat out once this week. Yesterday for lunch. Hadn't planned on it, but the computers at work were being worked on and it was becoming frustrating so we decided to get out of there for a hour. Spent $9.47. However, based on the averages of $50 a week spent on eating out, I still saved $40.53

Car Repair Savings: $249.00
Still Air Drying which saves $2.12/week
Grocery Savings: $21.23
Eat At Home Savings and Packing Lunches: $40.53
Earnings from Certificates & Surveys & Swagbucks: $55.12
Total Savings for the week = $368

Grand Totals -
Week 1 = $102.58
Week 2 = $368.00
Grand Total = $470.58

The sweetest part.....I have put $100 into savings, have more than normal in the checking account which means I will have money left by next pay day (15th) so I will be able to make two payments to the credit card. I'm not going to take the chance that I will spend the money elsewhere so whatever is left in the checking account by payday, I will pay to the credit card. Every little bit helps and gets it paid off faster.

When you really start paying attention to what you are spending and where, you can really start saving money.

I'm looking forward to this next week because there are some great grocery deals out there and I should be able to have very nice savings on grocery items.

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