Friday, December 18, 2009

Wal-Mart Shopping On Friday Mornings

I love to stop by Wal-Mart on my way in to work on Friday mornings and fortunately for me, I pass right by one every day. Are I crazy???? You should know the answer to that by now. The reason I love to shop Friday morning is twofold: 1) Not many people in the store (yeah) and 2) the shelves are stocked for the coming weekend shoppers.

You know that when there is a great deal on I tell you to use your coupon ethics and only purchase a couple of the items at a time to give the other shoppers a chance to get some as well. On Friday mornings at Wal-Mart you can easily purchase more than "a couple" of the items you are after and still leave plenty for the remaining shoppers.

This morning I purchased:
14 Snuggle 40 ct Fabric Softener Sheets @ $1.87/ea. = $26.18
2 Outdoor Sport Sure For Men Deodorant @ $1.96 = $3.92
10 Mountain Fresh Sure For Men Deodorant @ $1.96 = $19.60
Subtotal = $49.70
Tax = $2.98
Total = $52.68

Used (14) $2/1 Snuggles Coupons ($28.00)
Used (12) $1.50/1 Sure For Men Coupons ($18.00)
Total Sale = $52.68
Total Coupons = ($46.00)
Total Out of Pocket = $6.68 of which $2.98 was tax.
Not counting the tax I got 14 Fabric Softener and 12 Deodorant for $3.70
I can cross those completely off my list now.

That's the way, un hun, un hun. I like it un hun un hun. Yes I have had wayyy too much Caffeine. Happy Friday everyone!

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