Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday Coupons Galore!!!

This weekend is definitely a weekend to buy a couple of papers. And get them early because they are going to go fast. There will be 5 inserts this weekend. 2 Smart Source; 2 Red Plum and 1 General Mills Everyday Saver. OMGosh.

Some of my favorites:

Green Giant Vegetables for one - $.50/1 (you can bet I will be hitting up E-bay for extras)
Yoplait Smoothie - $1/1
Act Mouthwash $1/1 (great for B1G1 at Walgreens and CVS)
Lots of Campbell soups coupons
Excedrin - $.75/1 (another great coupon)
Finish Quantum Powerball Tabs or Gelpacks - $2.50/1 (see the excitment spreading)
Frito-Lay Baked Snacks - $1/1
Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion - $1/1 (Another great coupon for Walgreens and CVS)
Lysol coupons galore!!!
V8 V-Fusion (46 oz) $1/1
Aleve $1/1
Aquafresh $1/1
Kellogg's Special Cereals $1/2
Band-Aid (It's back....) $1/1 Woo Hoo
All Liquid Laundry Detergent - 32 load+ - $2/1
Johnson & Johnson Baby Product - $1/1 (Free Buddy Soaps at Wal-Mart)
Tylenol Extra Strength - $1/1 (E-bay is looking better every day)

This is just a scratch at the surface of all of the coupons coming out this weekend. You name, it, a coupon is coming out for it this Sunday. Normally I don't purchase more than 2 papers, but this will definitely be a weekend when purchasing 3 or 4 papers would definitely be worth it. 5 inserts chocked full of coupons so get your scissors ready!

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  1. This is awesome DeAnna.... Thank you!


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