Monday, December 21, 2009

Sav-A-Lot $5 Coupon Off Purchase of $20

Go here to print a $5 Coupon good on your purchase of $20 or more. Right now they have Impertial Quarters on sale for 2/$1 (limit 12) and Marcum Brown Gravy 3/$1 (limit 12). Throw in some fresh fruit, veggies or meat and you've stocked up on two items and got some other great deals too. They always seem to have very good produce.

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  1. Wow I have never had any good luck with their produce! It was a while ago that I decided I wasn't shopping there anymore because it was always bad. Smelled like rotten produce and rotten meat. But that was here in Michigan and they may have gotten better by now. I like Aldi for produce, but I still have to watch what I'm buying there too, but they have a double guarantee, if you return a store brand you get a refund plus a new product of what you returned! Do you have Aldi there?


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