Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missouri Is Now On The Map

It took some time to get Angie up on here because my computer decided to take on a mind of its own a couple of weeks ago. It seems that somehow the "view" on my e-mails was changed so that once I opened an e-mail it "disappeared". I thought my computer was eating my e-mails.

Angie contacted me some time back about being added to Missouri for the Blogger Links. She is the owner/author of "Short On Cents" and it's an adorable site.

Angie regularly does the coupon matchups for Walgrees, CVS and Target as well as great local finds for the Missouri area. Take a moment and stop by Angie's site and tell her hello.

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  1. Thanks DeAnna for a cute post I appreciate it and love your blog as well


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