Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great deal on Scrubbin Bubbles Shower Kit at WAGS

I have to admit that I try very hard to be eco-friendly and have to admit that I have given up the majority of the cleaners on the market, including those claiming to be green. However, Scrubbing Bubbles is not one that I have been able to part ways with. And glory be don't you know Walgreens has a heck of a deal on the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Kit this week. Here's the deal......purchase the Shower Kit ($21.99) and get a refill ($5.79) for free. If you go here (yes you have to register), you will get a coupon good for $7 off the kit plus a Buy 1 Refill Get 1 Free.

You are paying $14.99 for the Starter Kit plus you will get both of the refills for free. Then, take your receipt and submit it to SC Johnson for the $5 rebate and you end up paying 9.99 for the shower kit and 2 refills. Not a bad deal.

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