Sunday, December 27, 2009

Earn Cash For Old Electronics

Did Santa give you a new cell phone this year, or maybe a new MP3 player? If you have an old cell phone, lap top, digital camera, MP3 player, Video Game, GPS device Camcorder, LCD Monitor, etc., have I got the place and deal for you.

It's called Gazelle and they will pay you for your old electronics.

Here's what you do, you go to their site and register first. No, you won't get a ton of e-mail from them, but you will want to register to sell your product to them and to get paid.

After you register, up in the top where it says "Find Your Item", you type in what you are wanting to sell. A list of pictures will come up to help you correctly identify what you are selling to them. You click on the picture and there will be a series of questions for you to answer. For example, say I'm trying to sell my get questions like: does it make a call successfully?; is it free of water damage?, etc. You'll be asked to rate the phone and click on any additional products you have that go with the phone (ear phones, charger, etc.). Once you have filled in all of the information, you click on calculate and they will tell you what they will pay you for the phone. A lot of the items qualify for free shipping. In that case, Gazelle will send you a prepaid box to ship it in. Once they have received your item and confirmed it is what you said it was and in the condition you said, you will either be paid by check or by PayPal.

WoooHooo. Another great way to earn money and recycle your old electronics. One thing to remember, if your item is getting a modest sell price and it doesn't qualify for free shipping, you will want to decide whether it is worth the payment you would receive after you pay the shipping. Certain items are much bigger ticket items than others. You won't get rich selling your electronics here, but you can make some extra cash and keep your electronic out of a land fill. Don't expect huge amounts on everything you have. And, some items will have no cash value at all, but they will take it and recycle it for you if you wish.

Another great thing is that all person data is wiped clean of all equipment upon receipt.

Another great way to make some extra cash for items you don't use anymore.

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