Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Inserts - P&G Brand Saver

Well, according to Taylor Town Preview, Sunday Coupon Preview and Coupon Clippers there was suppose to be a P&G Brand Saver in the paper this weekend. However, none of my papers had one. Just curious....was there one is yours? If so, please respond and let me know where you are located. I'm just wondering if the coupon snarfs are taking the inserts again....or maybe the insert isn't in there.


  1. I'm located in northern lower Michigan. On Sunday, I buy the Grand Rapids Press and the Detroit Free Press and the P & G coupons were in both today. Sorry that you didn't get yours. The majority of them expire on 11-30-09.

  2. Unfortunately it happens more often than not around here. Oh well...I don't use that many P&G coupons anyway, but I always try to use the Dawn Dish detergent coupons. I think Dawn is the best out there. Thanks for responding.


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