Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spotlight on Thrifty Living

Tonight we are traveling to Parker, Colorado. Brrrrr.

Linda Holmes is a sweetheart who lives in Parker, Colorado and runs not one, but count them, 2 blog sites about Thrifty Living. Linda is living the frugal life and living it extremely well.

Here sites are called Thirifty Living Tips. and you can check out either one of her sites thriftylivingtips.blogspot.com here or thrifty-living-tips.com here.

Thriftyliving blogspot is a more personal site and my favorite, but honestly, I love them both. Her blotspot site has more things like her great recipes, life while being snowed in and ways to entertain on a frugl budget.

Her .com site has links, links and more links. If you're looking for something fee or nearly free, this site has a link for it. You know I am always looking to get something legitimately free. Linda has become my new BFF for freebies. If you can't find a link for it on her site, then it doesn't exist.

Linda has what I will call her pet project. It's an e-book on how to get out of debt. In today's economy we all need to be reading that one. She gives you the plan, and if you follow it, you can be living the debt free, credit card free life. Who doesn't love that.

So, do me a favor and check out her sites. I think you will be pleasantly pleased. Oh, another thing. She has some of the most incredible pictures on her blogspot site.

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