Monday, November 9, 2009

Military GI Bill - Explained

The recent changes in the GI Bill have left a lot of military personnel and their spouses shaking their heads. I attended a seminar a few months back that had a session on the GI Bill and quite frankly, even the higher ups and those in the know were a bit perplexed. I've received many questions and done a lot of research and I am putting up a link that answers the questions as good as anyone I have talked to.

Regardless of the confusion in the changes, the new GI Bill has better benefits than the old scenario and is definitely work checking into. Paying for your continued education is a great benefit of the military and one that every military personnel memeber, regardless of branch, needs to seriously consider. Trust me, it's better than having a ton of college loans to pay for once you have your degree.

Go here to get the information.

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