Monday, November 16, 2009

Cesar Canine Every Day Christmas Giveaway

My husband's little dog, Petie, Fox Terrier that I always say has little dog syndrom. He stand less than 1' tall but will bark and chase the biggest baddest dog in the neighborhood. Thank goodness my dog Sully (large scale German Shephard) has his back.

(Mr. Petie)

Anyway, our pooches love Cesar Canine dog food and doggie treats. They are so in luck because between now and Christmas Cesar has a holiday pomotion going on where you go to their website every day and open the gift box for a chance to win prizes, get great tips or offers. I went today for the first time (after I received their e-mail) and got a coupon for a free Cesar dog treats. It will come in the mail. But free is free.

If your pooches like the Cesar products, click here and don't forget to go back daily for freebies, tips and coupons.

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