Saturday, October 24, 2009

What does $3.69 Get You

What does $3.69 get you? A little bit of this and that if you shop with me.

I started off my day by stopping by CVS to get their ad for tomorrow. It's been missing from my Door Store lately so I decided to get one for myself. I remembered I still had one coupon left from the Mars Chocolate Relief Act over the summer plus I received an e-mail from CVS for a free Absolutely Divine Chocolate Bar or a CVS brand throw away toothbrush thing (they seem to be the newest fad). Of course I chose the Chocolate Bar and they are huge. So I got a large 3 Musketeers which was on sale for $1 plus the Absolutely Divine Chocolate Bar which sold for $1.99. I gave the cashier my CVS coupon and the Mars coupon and paid $.06 for $3.64 worth of products.

Next as I was driving by Wal-Mart I decided to stop in and get two Johnson Buddy Soaps. (My husband loves these little things.) They only had one at the time which cost $.97 + $.06 tax. I gave the cashier my $1/1 coupon and paid $.03 for the soap.

Then off to Meijer's for the Pepperidge Farm Cookies and Sure For Men deodorant. Unfortunately they were out of the Sure but I was able to get a rain check for 12. I had to go to the Meijers in Florence (that's a whole other story) to get an additional rain check for the remaining 8 coupons I had.

Anyway, It was very early in the morning (the best time to go) and there were not many people in the store. I grabbed my two Pepperidge Farm cookie packages, rang myself out at the U-Scan isle and then walked them out to my car. The clerk came over and did the coupons for me during the first transaction so when she saw me come back up the line for transaction number two she asked me how many I had to do and I told her 8 more. She told me just to stand there and do my transactions one by one and that she didn't mind. She said normally they don't care as long as there are not a lot of people in the store. (Hint Hint - shop early). The Pepperidge Farm Cookies are normally $3.39 but were on sale for $1.09 (remember I told you in a previous post how I purchased coupons off e-bay). For each transaction ($2.18) I had two coupons ($.55 raised to $1 x 2 = $2.00). So the end result was $.18 per transaction for 9 transactions. When I was picking out my packages during my second jaunt into the store, there was a sweet lady standing there decided on a package to get so I gave her a coupon. I offered her more, but she only wanted one so my 10th transaction only had one package and after the coupon that transaction was $.09. My total at Meijers was $1.71.

1 3 Muskateers = $.03
1 Absolutely Divine Chocolate Bar = $.03
1 Johnson Buddy Soap = $.03
19 Packages Pepperidge Farm Cookies = $1.71
TOTAL COST = $1.80
Where did the other $1.89 come from?
Purchasing the Pepperidge farms coupons...........of course. Have to keep it honest. With that in mind, the cost of the cookies actually cost $3.60 or $.18 a package compared to the normal cost of $3.39/package.

Total cost of product before sales and coupons = $70.85 (includes purchased coupons)
Total cost spent after sales and coupons = $3.69
% Savings = 95% (How sweet it is) more thing....I pickd up my Box of 6 Chocolate Covered Fruit pieces from Edible Arrangements and I forgot to ask how much they normally cost. Silly me. But OMG they are so good. And, yes I did share.

Now it's time for me to do the matchups for this weekend. I'm not seeing too many good deals at Meijers, but Krogers is looking great and SuperValue may have a great deal (I'm waiting on confirmation from the Manager).

I'll put the posts up soon.

Remember, I'm in my stock up phase now and only purchasing the definite needs each week (milk, bread, cokes, etc.) or items I can stock up on at a great price.

If you are new to couponing and stockpiling, following what I purchase or plan on purchasing each week to start building your stockpile. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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