Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Honey Baked Ham $10 Coupon

A) In the November issue of Redbook there is a $7 coupon good on any bone-in 8lb or larger ham. However, if you go here, you can upgrade it to $10 off.

B) If that wasn't good enough, if you go here and purchase a gift card for $25 or more, you will get 20% off. You have to purchase you gift card by November 22, 2009. Purchase one for yourself and use it towards your own ham.

Then combine the two for an even sweeter deal. Yes I called and yes you can do this. Here's the scenario. Say you purchase a 8 lb ham at for $51 (cost taken from Honey Baked's website) so you would need to purchase at least a $55 gift certificate. Go to the site "B" and purchase your card. You will get 20% ($11) off, which means you will pay $44 for the $55 Gift Card. Then go to site "A" and get your $10 coupon.

To wrap it all up, you will use $41 of the $55 certificate for the $51 ham. You will still have $14 credit on your certificate which you can use towards a side dish or dessert or condiment or save it for your next holiday meal.

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