Thursday, October 22, 2009

Country Store 15% Off Holiday Items

Have you visited Country Store yet? It's one of my favorite online stores to shop. I love all things countryish (is that a word?). Just something about walking into a house that has a country theme makes you feel like your home and welcome there. There are a couple of stores here locally that I shop at but I can never find the selection that Country Store has and their prices are very reasonable.

Now through November 17th they are offering 15% off all items in the Holiday category. Personally I am a Snowman collector and they have the cutest little guys you ever saw. There is a Snowman Bird Feeder and a Hanging Snowmen Sweatshirt that I have my eyes on. So beat the Holiday Rush at Country Store Catalog and save 15% on all items in their Holiday category with code LSC11. Don't forget it expires 11/17/2009.

They also have great Fall items as well. I have put a widget on the top left of my page for you.

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