Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tastefully Simple

Can you believe it is already almost the middle of September. Whew I swear the time goes faster the older I get. Christmas will be on us before you know it. Yes I said Christmas. And speaking of Christmas I wanted to tell you about a great person I had the pleasure of meeting at a recent social hosted by Becky of Nickels-N-Dimes.

Alison Copley is a Senior Consultant for Tastefully Simple and a real sweet heart!!!! Tastefully Simple is a great place to order some "Tastefully Simple" (sorry Alison but I just had to do it!) food gifts for the holidays. Now I know what you're thinking.....who wants a food gift for the holidays....plenty of people, including me. The holidays are busy enough as it is. Seems like you are constantly cooking for something...kid's parties at school, the luncheon at work, or the pot lunch at church. And don't forget that quaint little get together you planned on having at your house. You know the one I'm talking about....starts out you will just have 2 to 3 couples over and the next thing you know 50 people will be at your house at 6:00 p.m. expecting a spread that would make the Queen proud!
Here's a way to help out your friends who will be going through the same stresses you are. Order a food gift just in time for Christmas. From seasonings, soup mixes, dessert mixes (The Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Mix is to die for!!!), breads, side dishes, meal kits, books and more. Just imagine your friend who is doing the little get together and she gets a package of Bruschetta Cheese Ball Mix from you. Her dip will be the talk of the party and you will be her new BFF. Seriously, it's great food at a great price and you can order right from your sweet little ole computer! No getting in your car and running all over town trying to figure out what to get. They even have gift baskets.
So please check out the site and give Alison Copley a ring. Her contact information is:
Alison Copley
Senior Consultant
Telephone #(513) 699-0810
Cell # (513) 910-2031
Or e-mail her for more information at stewarab@hotmail.com and tell her De from Buck-A-Day sent ya! I've also put a link to the website on the right side under "My Favorite Links".

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  1. You are too sweet!!!! I not only loved meeting you, but was so overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness. People like you make a difference in this world. I hope you know that.

    Christmas Crusade...here we come!!! Are you in?


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