Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walgreens Shopping Trip

I must admit that I did my matchups before I went to the store, but didn't post them until after I came back. If you're Walgreens is anything like mine, you have to get there early before all of the good items sell out.

Here's what I purchased today:

2 Sudafed

2 Listerine Cool Blue

1 Rimmel Blush

4 Planters Trail Mix

4 Crest whitening Toothpaste

2 Tylenol

Total Cost Before Sales, Coupons and Register Rewards: $76.47

Total Cost after Sales, Coupons and Register Rewards: $13.21

Percentage Saved: 83%

Took me 4 trips to do this, but I'm on a roll this week. So far between my CVS run and Walgreens run today I have purchased $153.58 worth of product and paid $24.83. That's an 84% savings.

I'm on a roll this week! Wooo Hooo

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