Friday, August 21, 2009

Reader's Digest Subscription 58% Off

I can remember as a kid going to my grand parents house and always finding a Reader's Digest to read. At that time alot of the stories were obviously way over my head, but as I grew up, I grew into the stories. Somehow reading the funny stories in Reader's Digest became one of those crazy things I looked forward to when going to their house.

One day I stopped by my dad's house, after I had flown the nest so to speak, and there sitting on the coffee table was a Reader's Digest. Needless to say, I plopped right down there on the couch and started reading. I had my method...always the funny clips first and then I would go back to the beginning and check out the articles in the Digest and pick out the ones I wanted to read. The one thing that always held true.....I always felt like I learned something after reading that magazine. God, and my grandmother too for that matter, knows that it helped increase my vocabulary. Fast forward many moons and I still love this magazine and I still feel like I have learned something new every time I read one.

Reader's Digest is running a special right now of 58% off 1 year subscription. $14.58 (I think) for 12 issues. This is a really good price and I hope you take advantage of it. Here is a link to the site or you can click on Reader's Digest in my side bar. And remember, the Digest isn't the only book they offer. Years ago I bought one of their "How To Fix Anything In Your Home" books and I can tell you, honestly, it has saved me a ton in repairs. I have used it several times in my new home and it is 24 years old.

Reading is good for the mind, body and soul. And it's a great way for grandparents to get their grand-daughter hooked on reading! I always said she was a sly old woman. Thanks Grandmother...I owe you dearly.

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