Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Kroger Mega Sale Shopping Event

After doing the matchups last night, needless to say it was waaaaaaaay to late to go to Krogers and cash in on the Mega Event. So I trucked off this evening at 7:30 p.m. to see what I could come up with. Tell me how you did. I love hearing how people save money using coupons.

I made 4 trips and here is what I purchased.

3 Boxes of Trix Cereal

9 Boxes of Hamburger Helper (I found four flavors on sale for $.80)

2 Glade Soy Base Candles

2 Carmex Products

4 Musketeers Candy Bars

1 Betty Crocker Frosting

1 Carefree Femine Product

2 John Morrell Lunchmeats

1 Bagel-Fuls

6 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

10 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits

6 Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls

6 Pillsbury Grands Danish Rolls

1 Betty Crocker Frosting

1 Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix

Total Cost Before Sales, Mega Event and Coupons: $109.15

Total After Sales, Mega Event and Coupons: $29.18

Percentage Savings: 74%

I had to do some fancy footwork with the coupons because Krogers in Latonia has changed their policy again. You can't purchase any more than 5 of the same product at one time. Makes it a bit of a challenge when you have several $1/2 coupons. They used to double printable coupons that said "Do Not Double". Not anymore so don't even try.

I had a very nice conversation with the Manager and Service Manager regarding the changes they have made. It seems some couponers are not following the Golden Coupon Rules. They apparently have had numerous customers come in with 30 coupons of the same product at one time and wipe out the shelves, which left nothing for the rest of the customers. They are not certain what is going to be on the trucks when they come in so they cannot guarantee they are going to get more of the sale product in for the rest of the customers. In an attempt to be fair to all of their customers, they put the policy into place. I'm glad they did. I realize the economy stinks right now (not the word I really wanted to use), but we are all in this together and it's just not nice when a store has a great deal on something for one or two people to come in and wipe out the shelves.

We preach stocking up. I'm all for it and have my very own stockpile. Tonight when I went to purchase all of the Pillsbury items (I have a fundraising breakfast coming up), I checked first to make certain they either had plenty on the shelves or more in the back, which they did. Next time you have the urge to buy 20 boxes of cereal at the great price of $.50 each, think of the mom who has two children to feed and only $30 a week to spend. Then put 15 of those boxes back. Check with the Manager and see before you go haywire stocking up on a great deal. Whether it's the Couponer's Rule or the Golden Rule, we're all in this economic nightmare together. Whew....I'm off my soap box now.

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