Monday, July 20, 2009

Walgreens Trip 07/20/2009

Just got back from doing my Walgreens run and I spent $4.98. I was going after the Tylenol that is on sale for $4.99. I went to the Walgreens in Crescent Springs and they said the Tylenol Arthritis is NOT included in the sale so I got the regular instead. Also, they were out of the Scotch Invisible Tape (I really wanted that too!). And of course, no Highlighters!!! Oh well, here's a breakdown of the what I got instead
1 Tylenol 50 ct.
6 2 Pocket Folders
12 Designer Pencils
3 Packages Paper Mate Pens 10 Ct.
3 Packages Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 5 Ct.
2 Penway Wooden Rulers
1 Package Penway No. 2 Pencils 10 Ct.
Total of Sales per 3 receipts: $33.39
Total Out of Pocket after sales, coupons and register rewards: $4.98
Percentage Savings: 86%

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