Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meijer's Shopping Trip

This morning, before I posted my coupon matchups, I received an interesting e-mail from someone who had visited my blog and posed the question..."How do we know you actually purchase the way you say you do? Do you really save as much as you say?" My first thought was "how rude", but then I thought about it honestly and felt it was a legitimate question.

The picture here is my shopping trip from this morning. (Not the best picture in the world, but hey, I'm new at this.) Anyway, I went to the Meijers in Florence. I wanted to get a few items and cash in on the Free backpack so I could take it to the upcoming social Becky from is hosting on August 1st!.

Items purchased are:

1 Backpack

6 packages Pillsbury Simply cookie dough

2 Keebler Fudge cookies

2 Keebler Chips Deluxe

2 Bags Cheerios Snack Mix

2 Bags Chex Turtle Snack Mix

6 Rulers

4 Pocket Folders

6 7-piece Eraser Combo Packs

2 Twin Hole Deluxe Pencil Sharpeners

2 2-Hole Pencil Sharpeners

Total of Merchandise per 2 receipts: $65.53

Total Out of Pocket after sales and coupons: $10.87

Percentage Savings: 84%

So, in answer to the question....yes I really do this. And just FYI....all of the school supplies will be donated to the Nickels-N-dimes social where Becky will make certain they go to good homes!

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