Monday, March 9, 2009

Redbox - This is So COOL

Last week a friend from down yonder (I am from the south you know) told me about Redbox. I had seen them in the stores, but honestly never gave them a second thought. Anyway, they told me about a little promotion thingy on Mondays that allowed you to rent a movie for free. CAN IT BE TRUE!! A free movie rental? Me being the forever skeptic that I am (devil's advocate more often than not), I decided to try it for myself and don't you know, IT WORKS!
So, every Monday (and Wednesday this month only!) I should be receiving a new Free Movie Rental Promotional Code which I will in turn pass along to you. Hugs/Kisses. Hold the applause folks!

Here's the code for today = F3T9L6

Go to your local Redbox. Push the rent DVD with promotion code buttom on the bottom left of your screen. Make your selection, get your DVD and skidaddle on home to watch the movie. You will have to swipe a credit card JUST IN CASE YOU FORGET TO RETURN THE DVD TOMORROW! But you aren't going to do that are you because then the rental won't be free and I won't give you any more!
Ain't life Grand

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